About Me

I believe that my job is to provide a warm, safe, and non-judgemental environment in which my clients can explore the issues and challenges they face. I strongly believe in the power of the therapeutic partnership to help uncover the strengths and abilities we all possess in order to bring about the changes we desire in our lives.

Therapeutic Approach

My theoretical orientation is an integrative approach meaning after developing a bond with my client’s I learn what approach is best for them and implement that during our time together. I believe that it is essentail to honor the cultural, spiritual and racial backgrounds of my clients. I may use cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness techniques along with other approaches. I may implement journaling, homework assignments, role playing and other treatment interventions based on your needs.

Therapy is a process which deals with the many situations that can make life more difficult. The goal of therapy is to empower you and/or your family to achieve more personal satisfaction with yourself and your relationships. To achieve your goals, your therapeutic process will be tailored to your personal needs and who you are. Every person is unique and has a unique history that has shaped their beliefs and behaviors. In learning and understanding your story, we will together determine the ways in which we will go about changing your life in the areas you are interested in working on.

I believe that counseling works most effectively when it is a collaborative effort. Regardless of your age, as a client you will have the opportunity to shape your care, and your participation and feedback will be important to the outcome of your therapy. In the case of children, I strongly believe that the participation of parents or guardians is essential. Adolescents (age 13 and older) have rights to confidentiality, but parent input and participation are both sought and encouraged.

My Training

I have over 16 years of experience working with adults,adolescents,and families. I began my career working with adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system. Since then I have worked with indiviudals and families from a variety of backgrounds and histories. I have been a Substance Use Disorder Professional (CP 00006376) since 2003, I received my Masters of Education with an emphasis on Community Mental Health from Seattle University in 2013. I am licensed by the Department of Health in Washington as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LH 60573913). I am certified in Washington State as Gambling Counselor (20-05WSCGC-II) through Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling. I am also a Nationally Certified Counselor through National Board of Certified Counselors (319043).

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Janai Felizardo (Carraway), M.Ed.,LMHC,NCC,SUDP,WSCGCII